How Fantastic Is Plastic

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Maheen Khan, soon approaching her 70th birthday, believes that a woman should have the freedom of making a choice that suits and pleases her. She’s been on the path of cosmetic improvement for two decades and she’s thrilled with the way it has allowed her to age gracefully. We’d have to agree!

According to Dr Mabroor Bhatty, who is a pioneer in cosmetic surgery and divides his time between busy practices in Karachi and London, the ratio of housewives and celebrities opting to go under the knife to improve the way they look is an overwhelming 1:1.

“Self-esteem and self-confidence are bigger issues for women at home, for housewives,” Dr Bhatty elaborates, while sharing some facts with Instep. “Some of the most popular procedures are tummy tucks and liposuction, face and neck lifts, eyelid surgery and nose jobs.

“And the ratio between celebrities and housewives who come to me is 1:1,” he confirms. “So many women have started coming from interior Sindh, as far as Hyderabad and its outskirts. Rural Punjab is more aware though; elective surgery is now extremely popular amongst the zamindars’ wives.”

Designer Maheen Khan, open about her medically-assisted appearance, counters that it is “not about fighting age, but helping it.” Pointing to changing conceptions of aging gracefully, Dr. Bhatti agrees with this assessment, maintaining there’s no harm “if a minor adjustment can make you look better… it doesn’t take away the gracefulness of aging.” Chanting the “my body, my choice” mantra, many women consider cosmetic procedures to be highly feminist.