Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, helps improve the appearance of the eyelids and rejuvenate the area around eyes and in some cases may also help facilitate your field of vision and result in complaints such as tiredness and headaches. It restores the natural contour of eyelid by treating the sagging skin creating folds, hence applying makeup is easier. The overall effect is a more alert and youthful look once more.

Eyebag Surgery

Bags and dark circles under the eyes develop when the pocket of fat under the eye starts to slacken. The skin becomes thin and wrinkly and as the pocket of fat sags too much, the eyes become dull and sunken making dark circles become noticeable. Eye bag Surgery helps remove bags and dark circles, pocket of fat under the eye and improves the sagging skin. It restores the volume under the eye and makes the skin smooth and firm. The end product is a brighter appearance.